Types of Bonds

Types of bonds written include, but are not limited to:

Commercial Surety

·         Types of Commercial performance bonds, including supply, supply & install and annual performance bonds

·         Miscellaneous bonds, including self-insured worker’s compensation bonds

·         Court bonds, including large appeal bonds

Contract Surety

·         Contractor Bid bonds

·         Performance bonds

·         Labor and material payment bonds

·         Supply bonds

·         Customs bonds, including both importer and drawback bonds

Miscellaneous Bonds

·         License and permit bonds

·         Municipal license & permit bonds

·         State license & permit bonds

·         Probate bonds

·         Fidelity bonds

·         Public official bonds

·         Notary bonds and notary errors & omissions insurance

·         Employee dishonesty bonds

·         Janitorial service bonds

·         Bid/Performance/Payment Bonds for Small Contractors (First Step/Next Step Programs)

·         Other miscellaneous bonds



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