We offer multiple worker compensation options. From Local state funds to national carriers. We can help find the correct carrier that meets your unique needs.


Workers Compensation payment options-

Pay as you work comp- 

                This option allows you to report your actual payroll on a monthly or payroll basis,


                                                Real time actual payroll

                                                Helps with cash flow during slower season

                                                Helps reduce audit exposure due to real time reporting

                                                Captures increase or decrease in payroll per reporting period

                                                Option to have our Payroll company report in your behalf

                                                Payroll Company will help generate reports needed for audits


Local Carriers and State funds

We offer several local state funds with specific industries in mind. These local funds offer Restaurant and construction industry competitive rates with unique options to help control their losses and experience modifiers.  Ask us if you qualify for one of these programs.


National Carriers

We offer several national carriers that can help handle your business if you’re local and want to expand to other states. Also if you are based out of state we can help manage your workers compensation thru out the US and incidental international exposure.

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